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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may be the fastest selling pair of games in the franchise, but it launched in a pretty poor technical state. Publisher Nintendo put out its first patch before the end of last year, noting that it will continue to work on improvements to the games. On that note, the company has announced that the latest generation of Pokemon games will be getting their next patch in late February.

That being said, what is contained in this patch is more mysterious than the last one. According to the small paragraph dedicated to the patch in a recent press release, Nintendo says that the next update for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet “will include bug fixes and add functionality”. The patch itself will be designated as version 1.2.0.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet
Source: The Pokemon Company / YouTube.

For what it’s worth, Nintendo does ask players of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to “Please look forward to more details soon”. The publisher also probably doesn’t want to promise things that it can’t deliver. Here’s hoping that, in any case, this patch will be a lot more significant than the first one, addressing more of the technical issues that the game is facing. As for the added functionality, it’s possible that this will be the integration with Pokemon Home, which is supposed to get an update of its on in early 2023.

The press release in which this update for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was mentioned primarily celebrates the now 1008 total count of distinctly different pocket monsters. There’s also a nearly nine-minute long video for this, with many of them being broken down by biome, version exclusives, fossil types, evolutions and so on. Although, the number is a little bloated and disingenuous with the new monsters introduced in the new generation, as things like Toedscool and Wiglett are are considered their own separate species rather than a regional variant of Tentacool and Diglett, respectively.

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