Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter, as a franchise, get collaborations with other IPs, sometimes outside of the Capcom umbrella, on the regular. But things going the other way around is far less common. But with Sonic Frontiers, the newest game starring the Blue Blur, we have an instance of the latter happening. Though for the most part, it looks to be purely cosmetic, and doesn’t do much besides turning the hedgehog’s overall blue into red.

From the collaboration trailer, it looks like Sonic will be getting two variants of the basic Rathalos armour set in Frontiers. One features the full set, cladding the hedgehog in the wyvern’s easily recognisable red with black highlights. The other features only half of the full armour set, reminiscent of the Felyine version of the armour. And indeed, that’s what the description of the video on YouTube says it is.

Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter BBQ
Source: Sega / Steam.

Beyond cosmetic changes, the Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter collaboration also brings the latter’s BBQ minigame. This allows Sonic to try his hand at making a well-done steak. Looking through the Steam reviews for the free DLC, this minigame can be accessed at fishing spots, and provides the game with another change of pace for when you feel a little sick of the game’s usual flow. It is also apparently a good source of Big Tokens. Though it’s unclear if it comes with the jingle that made the minigame so memorable and fun in the many Monster Hunter games that came before.

As mentioned, this collaboration comes in the form of free DLC for Sonic Frontiers. You can get it right now, on whichever platform you have the base game on. It’s definitely one that will initially feel out of place, until you start running into enemies and you turn Sonic into a more literal version of a monster hunter.

(Source: Sega / Youtube, Steam)

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