It is rumoured that AMD’s Zen 5 architecture and subsequently, its Ryzen 8000 Series desktop processor lineup will still be limited to 16-cores at its highest configuration. Specifically, the lineup will offer between six and 16 cores, all under the codename “Nirvana”.

Again, if it wasn’t clear, this is still just a rumour, and therefore, nothing has been set in stone just yet. However, according to the German portal, PC Games Hardware, if a 6-core Ryzen 8000 Series CPU is indeed in the pipeline, we could then be looking at a lineup that is similar to the current Ryzen 7000 Series right now. Additional details to the rumour also indicate that the series will be codenamed “Granite Ridge” as a whole, will have a TDP of up to 170W for its top-tier SKU, and up to 64MB of L3 Cache and 16MB L2 Cache.

Another hint to the Ryzen 8000 Series’ existence comes from a screenshot of a document obtained by online speculator Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID). Technically, the slide shows the roadmap for AMD’s server range but the interesting thing here is that it does indicate Granite Ridge at the bottom right, under the AM5 chipset, along with the points I mentioned in the paragraph before.

What isn’t present in the slide is any mention of the Ryzen 8000 Series with 3D V-Cache, or 8000X3D for short. That being said, it should be noted that AMD has, in fact, confirmed much earlier that it does plan on making processors, fortifying its Zen 5 microarchitecture with the 3D V-Cache technology. For another matter, the launch date for the desktop processor lineup has still yet to be determined, but at least we know that they’ll still be based on the 4nm and 3nm process node.

(Source: Videocardz, PCGH, MLID via YouTube)

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