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Having made its name with gaming mice, it’s no surprise that gaming peripheral brand Razer also makes mouse pads, or mouse mats if you prefer. Though things have been relatively quiet on this corner of the PC gaming market, the company has announced a new entry into its lone of mouse pads. It’s called the Razer Atlas, and what makes it different is the fact that it’s made of tempered glass.

It’s an interesting choice of material, to be sure. Mice, gaming or otherwise, have almost completely gone optical, and unless you’re specifically using the laser variety, these have a history of struggling with glass surfaces. To get around this issue, Razer says that it has given the glass Atlas a micro-etched surface with 2 micrometer texturing so that it works with optical mice. Considering its large family of gaming mice all of which are optical today, this seems only natural.

Razer Atlas white
Source: Razer.

Beyond the texturing to get optical sensors to play nice, the surface of the Razer Atlas is also “ultra-smooth”, letting mice glide over it with ease. This suggests that it will perform similarly to the “Speed” surfaces of other mouse pads that the company makes. Contrasting the smooth top surface is the rubber base, which keeps the mat in position on the table in the face of aggressive mouse swipes.

The Razer Atlas comes in two colour varieties matching most of the gaming mice that the brand has to offer – black or white. Whichever is your choice of colour, this tempered glass gaming mouse mat has an asking price of RM499. This makes it the priciest mat the brand has made so far, minus the Chroma editions of some models where you’re really paying for the rainbow light show than what the mat itself has to offer. At any rate, if a tempered glass mouse pad is something that you wish to try out, you can get it via the official Razer online store, linked below.

(Source: Razer)

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