Unifi Home 800Mbps PS5 Bundle

Promotional material from Unifi last month revealed TM’s plan to release an Unifi Home Smart Device bundle that is inclusive of a Sony PlayStation 5. Following the confirmation made by its customer service agent, the Unifi Home 800Mbps All-In-One PS5 bundle is now available to consumers.

At that time, the promotional material did not reveal how much customers have to pay for the plan on monthly basis. Unifi earlier today revealed through its Facebook page that the PS5 costs an additional RM119 per month on top of the Unifi Home 800Mbps All-In-One Plan’s monthly fee.

A standalone Unifi All-In-One 800Mbps plan is currently being offered at RM404 per month as opposed to its usual monthly rate of RM474. This means the monthly fee for the Unifi All-In-One 800Mbps PS5 bundle is RM523 per month.

Under the Unifi All-In-One 800Mbps plan, customers will also be provided with an Unifi Plus Box. Being an All-In-One plan, it is also inclusive of a UNI5G Postpaid 65 account.

Now, if you try breaking down the bundle to just the PS5 alone, you would notice that it costs slightly more than buying the PS5 separately. Taking the bundle’s 24-month contract into the calculation, that means you would have to pay RM2,856 in total if you want to get the PS5 in this manner.

Unifi Home 800Mbps PS5 Bundle
As captured at 8:30 PM today. [Image: Unifi.]

As a comparison, the standard price for the PS5 Digital Edition God of War Ragnarok Bundle is RM2,339 and when you add another DualSense Wireless Controller into the mix, the total bill would be RM2,688.

So, yes, you actually have to pay an additional RM168 if you want to buy PS5 through this Unifi bundle. As always, we recommend you read through the Unifi Home Smart Device bundle’s FAQ [pdf] and TnC [pdf] documents first before signing up for it.

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