While we’re still technically awaiting the “official” arrival of Intel’s Arc A-Series graphics card to our market, the company is moving on to the next step of its marketing plan. By that, we mean that the chipmaker recently announced a special Gold Limited A750 graphics card.

Before you get all excited or upset, depending on how you feel about the current availability of Intel’s ARC graphics cards as a whole, this Gold Limited Edition of the A750 will only be available in China. What sets its apart from Intel’s “standard” A750 Limited Edition graphics card is the visual graphics etched into the card.

(Image source: JD.com.)

The Gold Limited Edition A750 is emblazoned with the face of a golden tiger on the backplate. Well, we say face, but it really is just half of a face, and more specifically, the right half of the face. The remaining half of the backplate simply carries the description and name of the card.

Beyond the gold aesthetics, the specifications of this special Limited Edition A750 remain unchanged and is in fact, identical to the non-gold A750. That means we’re looking at the watered-down ACM-G10 GPU found in both the A750 and A770, the same 28 Xe-Cores, 8GB GDDR6 graphics memory, the same 512GB/s memory bandwidth, the same game clock of 2050MHz. As well as the same 225W TDP.

(Image source: JD.com.)

In terms of pricing, the Gold Limited Edition A750 is expected to cost just as much as the normal Limited Edition version of the card, which is around 2499 RMB (~RM1640). That price tag is a bit surprising, as we were actually expecting it to cost slightly more, given its auspicious trims and theme. Adding on to that last point, there is one more catch, and that is whether or not you are able to find one: at the time of writing, the card is currently out of stock in China.

(Source: JD via Videocardz)

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