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For the better part of its life, the PS5 console has been a unicorn of sorts. Not only was it difficult to get retail, the few that were available were quickly swept up by scalpers. We’ve heard less of such stories in recent months, but now it looks like PlayStation has confirmed that the console’s shortage has come to an end.

During Sony’s CES 2023 press conference, PlayStation head Jim Ryan says that “Everyone who wants a PS5 should have a much easier time finding one at retailers globally, starting from this point forward”. Of course, the operative word here is “should”. You can check the quote out for yourself by hitting the source link below, and heading to the 57:03 mark if you’re not brought there automatically.

Sony PlayStation 5
Source: PlayStation.

Ryan explained that “PS5 supply improved toward the end of last year”, and that December was also “the biggest month ever” for the console’s sales numbers. He also says the grand total of PS5 units being sold now sits over 30 million. Launched in November of 2020, the console hit its 10 million mark in July of 2021, so the growth in numbers sounds about right. This is in spite of the company announcing the ramping up of the console’s production in May of 2021.

This is probably good news for those who, up until now, have not been fortunate enough to get a PS5 for themselves. You’ll probably also be getting the latest, lightest variant – which has since appeared in the SIRIM database with the model numbers CFI-1218A and CFI-1218B, just as we thought. You can also probably snag a DualSense Edge alongside your console if you wait until the end of the month.

Sony PlayStation 5 PS5
Source: PlayStation.

But on the flip side, you’ll still need to contend with the PS5 price hike which took effect back in August of last year. In the same vein your desire to go out looking for one immediately may be tempered by the possibility of another variant coming out closer to the end of this year.

(Source: Sony / YouTube)

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