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The Nothing phone (1) launched last year to much fanfare, but despite being described as a flagship phone for the brand, some parts of the spec sheet would say otherwise. Things may change this year, as company CEO and co-founder Carl Pei has gone on record to say that the sequel will be “more premium” compared to the original. As for its name, it’s naturally going to be called the Nothing Phone (2), though the inconsistent naming convention is a little irritating.

According to Inverse, Pei is very deliberate with his choice of words, as to not give the impression that the first phone was not a flagship. The report notes that Pei dodged questions regarding details on the Nothing Phone (2), beyond the fact that it will be a step up from the phone (1). While this doesn’t rule out the use of top-of-the-line chipsets like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2, but chances are that the company will continue using midrange chips like the first phone did while optimising software.

Nothing phone (1) hands on

As for what the device will look like, chances are that the transparent shell and the Glyph lighting interface will return and be improved upon. But we won’t know for sure until the company reveals the device. The report noted that Pei joked about sending out the renders of the Nothing Phone (2), but stopped short of actually doing it, claiming that doing so “would destroy the launch”.

Nothing phone (1) hands on

On another note, Pei also notes that for this sequel device, the company will be putting its effort to launch the device in the US its “top priority”. He also explains that the reason that the Nothing phone (1) didn’t make it stateside was because of the many modifications to software that had to be done for the country’s telcos. While the company didn’t have enough resources to do so at the time, it does now, with 400 employees with the company as it works on the Nothing Phone (2).

(Source: Inverse)

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