More than a year after the plan was revealed to the world, the mega-merger between Celcom and Digi was finally completed. Some may think that the result of the merged entity would have a totally new name but all parties involved in the merger have already set to name it Celcom Digi Berhad from the get-go.

While the name was quite vanilla in nature, the new company did come out with a new logo that is quite straightforward as well. As you can see above, CelcomDigi (yes, no space in the middle) essentially retained the fonts that Celcom and Digi used for their logo in order to create a new visual identity.

digi celcom telco

We have pointed out in our report this morning that CelcomDigi has yet to address the impact of the merger on its existing services and customer experience. That being said, we have since learned the existence of a dedicated FAQ section on Celcom and Digi’s websites that covers the subject.

Unsurprisingly, the FAQs are actually identical to each other regardless of the websites that you visited. In general, it is meant to inform existing Celcom and Digi customers that it is business as usual for the time being.

Celcom Digi

The FAQ pointed out that customers don’t have to take any action as all of their services and plans remain what they are now at the moment. The same also applies to Celcom Blue Cube and Digi Stores outlets which will continue to operate as usual.

In fact, the operation of these outlets is still not yet unified. In other words, Blue Cube outlets are not able to serve Digi customers and Celcom customers will not get anything done if they visit a Digi Store right now.

The FAQ also noted that the CelcomDigi is planning to roll out infrastructure upgrades to improve its network experience although, without any actual detail, that particular statement did sound quite vague. All in all, it is still early days for CelcomDigi and actual changes may only start to take place a few more months down the road.

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