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With large language model AIs being among the hottest thing making the rounds right now, it should probably not come as a surprise that companies are making announcements detailing its inclusion into their own products. The most recent to do so is the messaging service Discord, which announced that it is launching a few public experiments that are AI-related. Most of these are done in partnership with OpenAI, the name behind ChatGPT.

The first is the integration of AI in to the Clyde bot, which you’ll probably find in most large Discord servers. This is the bot that responding to slash commands, and starting next week, you can ask it questions as you would ChatGPT by typing @Clyde. This can be done in a server, or even in a private conversation with someone else.

Discord AI Clyde
Source: Discord.

In a related feature, the comnpany has also announced that you can get AI-generated Conversation Summaries. As the company explains, this can give you the short version of conversations if you’ve been away for awhile. Discord group admins will have to enable this first in their respective Server Settings. This will also only be tested in a limited number of servers.

Source: Discord.

On the other side of the spectrum, there’s AutoMod AI. This is basically just an extension of the base AutoMod feature that has been around for awhile. But with the inclusion of AI, the feature will become capable of taking context into consideration before blocking unwanted messages. Again, this is only available for a limited number of Discord servers, but those servers get to test the feature today.

Source: Discord.

Beyond these, there are other more social aspects of AI implementation that can be added to Discord servers, such as Avatar Remix and Whiteboard with AI Preview. The former is basically a generative AI being used to spice up profile pictures, and the latter does the same for things you doodle on a whiteboard.

You can read more on these features on the Discord blog post, linked below. Though there’s no mention of a date for any of these becoming available to the general public just yet.

(Source: Discord)

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