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Two years back, when Microsoft revealed an end date for Windows 10 support, it was clear that this particular version of PC operating system’s days were numbered. The company is putting another nail into the coffin by announcing that its current version, called 22H2, will be the final version of the OS.

Microsoft announced as much in a blog post, adding that Windows 10 will still continue to get monthly security update releases until its end of support date. That date remains unchanged as it was first documented back in 2021, which is 14 October 2025. Some exceptions exist, but these are limited to the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) versions of the OS, “based on their specific lifecycles”.

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Naturally, Microsoft is taking this opportunity to also get users to upgrade to Windows 11, the new-ish operating system for PC. It’s been around for about just under two years, has plenty of new, nifty features added to it. Though on balance, it has its occasional bout of issues too, with an ongoing one that looks to affect gamers, even if not exclusively. So it’s more than understandable if anyone still has reservations about jumping on to the bandwagon so soon.

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There have been other nails being whacked into the Windows 10 coffin in recent times. As recently as January of this year in fact, Microsoft stopped selling those versions of its operating systems to consumers. As we get closer to the 14 October 2025 date, we might just see reminders to upgrade get escalated. Back in 2019, with there being just a year to go until the end of support date for the previous Windows 7, Microsoft started pushing popups to remind users of this. All of which will truly remind us that the company previously made a very off-base claim, that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows.

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