PETALING JAYA: The Selangor chapter of Parti Bangsa Malaysia (PBM) has dissolved all of its divisions and wings across the state, says state party secretary Ruzaini Sani.

Ruzaini said the decision was due to dissatisfaction towards PBM president Datuk Larry Sng in various matters, among them was his refusal to hand over leadership to Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin.

“We felt disappointed and we lost confidence towards Sng as the president and PBM have also reneged on its promise to make way for Zuraida to lead the party,” said Ruzaini in a statement on Thursday (Feb 2).

Ruzaini also said Sng went against the decision of PBM’s annual general assembly in October last year, which unanimously agreed on the power transition process, that the party president post be given to Zuraida.

Ruzaini also said Sng had abused his powers in sacking 13 senior party leaders, including Zuraida, in a supreme council meeting, without referring to the party’s constitution.

As a result, Ruzaini said a decision was made by state PBM leaders to dissolve two wings and 13 divisions across the state on Feb 1.

In December last year, Sng sacked 11 PBM members, including Zuraida.

A leadership tussle broke out between Sng and Zuraida in October last year over the president post.

On Oct 28, Sng announced the suspension of Zuraida and 12 supreme council members for allegedly undermining the interests of the party and its leadership.

Sng also said he was still the PBM president and had never vacated the post for Zuraida.