Idea 4G has launched a new campaign with BBDO India, Online Seekho #Apnokesaath to celebrate people who are learning and teaching online with the power of 4G internet, as the country remains under lockdown. 

The campaign emphasises that while COVID-19 has disrupted a lot of people’s daily activities, those who are determined to continue learning cannot be stopped. 

The campaign not only features people who using 4G for formal education, but also those who are using the network technology to learn new skills, instruments, languages and everything the world of the internet has opened up.

“Brand Idea believes that mobile telephony can transform people’s lives in a positive manner and as Indians prepare to embrace the new normal, Idea acknowledges people who used this lockdown to fulfil their dreams and lent a helping hand to others,” said Chief Brand and Digital Transformation Officer of Vodafone Idea Limited, Kavita Nair. “Idea 4G’s campaign Online Seekho #Apnokesaath showcases Idea 4G network enabling Indians to stay connected and learn new things even when the world has come to a standstill.”

As commitment to the cause, BBDO India and Idea have made it possible for consumers to not just opt for online recharges themselves, but even remote recharge for those who are in inaccessible areas.

The campaign itself was developed and produced at home by BBDO India, as the teams connected virtually to help the country remain connected digitally.

“Brand Idea has always offered a mobile telephony driven possibility or ‘idea’ for the time,” said Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Mumbai, Hemant Shringy. “And it’s great to know that as we stay home, there is no lockdown on networks, connectivity and most importantly on learning”.