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Just in case you missed it, new low-cost carrier MYAirline announced earlier today that it will begin accepting bookings for flights later at midnight. To our surprise, the airline’s website has already gone live ahead of schedule, shifting from a simple landing page to a full-fledged version of itself – likely to prepare for what’s to come later tonight. This in turn provided visitors access to numerous details such as fares and fees, in-flight meal choices, and more.

Undoubtedly, those who are curious (such as ourselves) will definitely try their luck to book flights ahead of tonight’s opening. Doing so, you’ll notice that MYAirline has listed more destinations than it had previously confirmed, namely Kota Bharu, Penang, Sibu, and Tawau. All of the aforementioned, as well as Miri, Alor Setar and Terengganu, were revealed by company CEO Rayner Teo in a recently published press release to be potential locations which the airline aims to cover in the near future. It appears that the ability to select these unconfirmed options when attempting to book a flight on the website were kept unintentionally, or as a teaser of things to come – depending on how you look at it.

myairline baggage fees destinations website

And for those wondering if we can actually book a ticket before midnight, the answer is no. The furthest we got upon our trial is the flight selection page, but proceeding forward brought us to an error page. Obviously, the booking feature on the new airline’s website is still not fully operational just yet, so it’s best to be patient and come back later when it is fully launched.

myairline baggage fees destinations website

Interestingly, the booking page also revealed that starter fares will entitle passengers to 7 kg of carry-on baggage. According to MYAirline’s website, you can choose to pre-book a baggage allowance of up to 40 kg, which starts from RM 30 and maxes out at RM 125 when booked online (additional RM 5 for those in East Malaysia). Additionally, bookings done over-the-counter for additional baggage will cost a flat rate of RM 80, sports equipment not exceeding 15 kg at RM 110, while excess luggage will be charged at RM 40 per kilogram.

Being a low-cost airline, MYAirline will charge a fee if the passenger wishes to select specific seats for their trip. On its website, it is revealed that preferred seats on row 1, 12 and 14 will cost RM 48 (RM 55 when booked over the counter), whereas those located on row 2 to 5 are priced at RM 40 (RM 50 via counter). Meanwhile, standard seat fees for row 6 to 8 is at RM 17 (RM 20 via counter), row 9 to 11 at RM 15 (RM 17 via counter), row 15 to 18 at RM 12 (RM 15 via counter) and lastly, row 19 to 31 at RM 10 (RM 12 via counter).

myairline baggage fees destinations website

The fares and fees section of the airline’s website also detailed its processing and service charges, which is something worth noting. It is revealed that MYAirline will charge a fuel surcharge of RM 12 (RM 18 for East Malaysia), change fee of RM 100, name change fee of RM 50, cancellation fee  of RM 100, infant fee of RM 50, refund processing fee of 5%, counter check-in fee of RM 20, wheelchair fee of RM 55, and booking service fee of RM 30.

There’s also a MYKopitiam page which details the numerous in-flight meals available including nasi lemak, roti jala, mee goreng, Korean jjajangmyeon, as well as a selection of snacks and drinks. MYAirline adds that hot meals will not be sold onboard for flights under one hour. Pricing for each item is not listed, but the website’s home page reveals that meals would cost from RM 12, while all passengers are entitled to receive a complimentary bottle of Spritzer mineral water.

Besides that, the FAQ page also hinted that a MYAirline app will eventually be available, which would enable customers to book flights through their mobile devices. Unfortunately, its expected availability has not been confirmed at this time.

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To recap our earlier report, the new low-cost carrier and AirAsia rival has recently confirmed that its flights from Kuala Lumpur (via KLIA 2) to Langkawi, Kuching, and Kota Kinabalu are priced at RM 48, RM 68, and RM 88 respectively. Ticket bookings are slated to open later at midnight on 26 November 2022, until 30 November 2022. The travel period for this deal is from 1 December 2022 to 25 March 2023.

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