steam spring sale 2023 highlights deals

Steam has recently kicked off its Spring Sale, offering numerous video game titles for the PC platform with discounts ranging from around 10% to a whopping 90% off until 24 March 2023 at 12 am local time. As previously revealed by Valve itself, this particular promotion is the first major seasonal sale of 2023, with the next substantial one being the Summer Sale that’s due in late June.

Undoubtedly, this is an opportune moment for you to clear off your Steam wishlist. This is especially if you’ve been eyeing on several titles from the previous year, or have been waiting for a decent price cut for certain games. To help you out with some important “life choices”, we’ve sifted through what’s on offer and picked out several highlights that you might want to take note of.

Marvel Midnight Suns

steam spring sale 2023 highlights deals
Image: Marvel / Firaxis Games

Released back in December of last year, Marvel Midnight Suns is one of the more recent titles that’s currently on sale. The game is a turn-based tactical RPG that’s set in the darker side of the popular comic book franchise’s universe. You play as an original and fully-customisable character, The Hunter, who’s tasked to go against the demonic forces of Lilith and the elder god Chthon. Thankfully, you won’t be fighting alone, as you’ll be joined by a variety of characters from Marvel such as Wolverine, Blade, Venom, Iron Man, and many more.

Marvel Midnight Suns is currently offered at 50% off, with the standard release coming in at RM97.50, while the Digital+ and Legendary editions are priced at RM 129.50 and RM 164.50 respectively.

Back 4 Blood

Tencent Turtle Rock Studios
Back 4 Blood (Photo: Turtle Rock Studios)

Otherwise referred to as the spiritual successor to the classic Left 4 Dead series, Turtle Rock Studios’ Back 4 Blood updates the cooperative four-player zombie horde survival formula with new gameplay mechanics and more. Players can choose between eight customisable characters known as Cleaners, each featuring their own unique traits and bonuses, as well as weaknesses. There’s also a PVP mode that’s akin to Left 4 Dead, where opposing players get to control special Ridden monsters to thwart the other team’s progress.

The three versions of Back 4 Blood as well as its DLCs are all currently 75% off on Steam throughout the Spring Sale. The standard, Deluxe and Ultimate editions are now priced at RM 51.25, RM 76.25 and RM 85 respectively.

The NieR series

Nier: Automata
Image: Square Enix

Nier Automata is yet again discounted at 50% off for this particular Steam sale, bringing its price tag down to RM 84.50. For the uninitiated, the game has been considered by many as a masterpiece, thanks to its excellent visual direction, gameplay, story, characters and soundtrack. If you’ve been on the fence about giving this title a shot, now’s probably the best time to do so.

Also not forgetting the remastered version of Automata’s predecessor, Nier Replicant, which has been upgraded to feature improved gameplay mechanics and graphics over its original launch during the PlayStation 3 era. Like its sequel, the game also includes a whimsical cast of characters, gameplay inspired by multiple genres, and a brilliant soundtrack.

Steam Spring Sale
Image: Square Enix

During the promotion, Nier Replicant is currently discounted at RM 124.50 – slightly more pricier than its sequel, though due to the fact that the remastered version was released years after Automata’s launch on PC.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade screen Yuffie Steam Spring Sale
Image: Square Enix

While we’re on the subject of remastered games, Square Enix’s remake of its classic roleplaying game from 1997 – Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – is also on sale at RM 170.43, which is 43% off from its current retail price of RM 299. While not that recent of a release on PC, the game was only brought over to Steam back in June of last year after first launching on Epic Games Store in late 2021. 

Unlike the initial version of the title, Remake features fully upgraded graphics, as well as a whole new real-time based combat system. Though its characters and premise are all somewhat familiar, the game actually presents players with some reimaginings of the original story.

The Callisto Protocol

Callisto Protocol Steam Spring Sale
Source: Striking Distance Studios / Steam.

Created by Dead Space’s co-creator Glen Schofield, The Callisto Protocol in several ways is considered a spiritual successor to EA’s survival horror classic. This is thanks to its claustrophobia-inducing environments and third-person perspective, as well as horrific monster designs, gruesome action, among many other elements. What sets the game apart from Dead Space is its melee-focused combat system, which challenges the player’s reflexes and tactics.

During the Spring Sale, The Callisto Protocol is currently discounted 30% at RM 139.30, while its Digital Deluxe Edition is priced at RM 195.30.

Other Noteworthy Mentions From The Steam Spring Sale

Monster Hunter Rise

  • Base game – RM 81.50 (50% off)
  • Sunbreak bundle – RM 168.96 (34% off)
  • Sunbreak standalone DLC – RM 122.25 (25% off)

Persona 5 RoyalRM 163.80 (35% off)

Tales of AriseRM 75.60 (60% off)

God of WarRM 125.40 (40% off)

Tiny Tina’s WonderlandsRM 94.50 (50% off)

Need For Speed: UnboundRM 199 (50% off)

Battlefield 2042RM 59.70 (70% off)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)RM 189.15 (35% off)

Red Dead Redemption 2RM 72.27 (67% off)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 

  • Standard Edition – RM 15.90 (90% off)
  • Deluxe Edition – RM 19.90 (90% off)

Metro Saga BundleRM 38.58 (83% off)

Forza Horizon 5RM 119.40 (40% off)

Microsoft Flight Simulator: 40th AnniversaryRM 175.50 (25% off)

Yakuza: Like a DragonRM 68.70 (70% off)

Death Stranding: Director’s CutRM 95.40 (40% off)

Gotham Knights – RM 82 (60% off)

Cyberpunk 2077 – RM 109.50 (50% off)

Assassin’s Creed: ValhallaRM 62.37 (67% off)

FIFA 23RM 119.50 (50% off)

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