Maybank kill switch cards

Earlier in the year, Maybank announced its kill switch for its Maybank2u platform. Now, the bank has extended the feature to apply to credit cards and charge cards as well, allowing you a potentially faster way to turn them off if you think they have been compromised.

For the most part, accessing the kill switch for credit and charge cards is the same as the one for Maybank2u. In fact, you access them from the same menu. On the MAE app, this can be either going to the Maybank2u tab and then tapping on the three dots, or going to the More tab and selecting Kill Switch from there. As for the website, the kill switch is still located under security settings. Whichever method you choose, you will likely be asked for your password even after you’ve signed in before you will be able to deactivate any of the applicable cards.

Maybank kill switch card menu

As the name suggests, killing a Maybank card prevents it from being used until reactivated. In the age of mobile apps, this is likely the faster way to do it when you find out that your card has been used without you realising. That being said, as with the locking of the Maybank2u platform, reactivating your cards after they have been blocked will still mean having to personally visit a Maybank outlet or calling the customer care line, and then verifying your identity from there.

Maybank kill switch card list

It’s probably worth empahsising that this extension of the Maybank kill switch only applies to credit cards and charge cards. ATM and debit cards have not been included, and so they don’t appear in the list of cards that you can deactivate using the kill switch. So if that’s the card that got compromised, then you’ll still have to deactivate them the old fashioned way.

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