Back at the start of last week, a report popped up regarding NVIDIA’s yet-to-launch GeForce RTX 4070 appearing, in all places, inside the support page of Gigabyte’s Control Center software. Well, as of today, it seems that MSI has joined in on outing the GPU, and via the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) no less.

MSI’s listing, in particular, lists eight variations of the upcoming RTX 4070, covering all three of its major lineups: Ventus, Gaming, and the Suprim lineup, the latter two also being branched out to a Gaming X and Suprim X version of the card. Above all else, though, is the fact that the EEC list confirms one important feature, and that’s is the fact that the non-Ti version of the GPU will be launching with 12GB of graphics memory, presumably GDDR6 and not GDDR6X.

(Image source: EEC.)

It’s not just MSI that’s breaking the silence over the RTX 4070 either. After its appearance on its support page, a Gigabyte Eagle SKU of the card was listed on the page of the South Korean National Radio Research Agency, making it the third SKU in the brand’s arsenal, after the revelation of an AERO and Gaming OC version of the card.

As for the official specifications of the RTX 4070, there is still no official word on it yet. However, the card is expected to be built around the same AD104 GPU as the RTX 4070 Ti, but is expected to have a cut down number of CUDA cores of 4352. Further, it should have a 128-bit memory bus and a TDP of 160W.

NVIDIA is expected to launch its non-Ti GeForce RTX 4070 early next month and while the GPU brand has been mum on its existence, the fact that its AIB partner brands and its partner brands already have their products being listed on the EEC is usually a sign that a GPU and respective SKUs are just above the horizon.

(Source: EEC, Videocardz)

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