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Fitbit has made a quiet change to one of its support pages, and it’s one that’s specific to iOS users. That being said, the change itself shouldn’t actually affect anyone, as it’s simply the raising of the minimum iOS version from iOS 14 to iOS 15 for its mobile app compatibility.

The change was made to its support page sometime this month, which now indicates that the latest version of the Fitbit iOS app needs iOS 15 to work. The Internet Archive shows that the page still listed the requirement as iOS 14 earlier in the month. In fact, the latest date that shows the iOS 14 requirement was the 15 March snapshot. On the flip side, the earliest snapshot available that shows this change was the one on 18 March. Which means that the change went into effect sometime between then and 15 March.

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That being said, as mentioned earlier, no one should realistically be affected by this, save for very specific and niche cases. The oldest phone that still runs iOS 15 is the iPhone 6S, its Plus variant, as well as the first ever iPhone SE. Going back by just one generation, we have the iPhone 6, but this model is locked to iOS 12, meaning it was never compatible with the Fitbit app to begin with. So the only way you’ll be affected is if you have a device that is in fact eligible for iOS 15 or newer, but just decided to not go through with the update for whatever reason.

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That being said, if you’re using a phone that is locked to iOS 15 as the last update, such as the iPhone 7 or older, then perhaps you’re still due for an upgrade. Props to you for being able to make a six-year old phone last that long, but you’ll at least save yourself the hassle of having to upgrade when the operating system requirement gets bumped up again.

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