insta360 new product line launch tomorrow

Insta360 has announced that it will be launching a new product line tomorrow on 29 March 2023. Based on a teaser video the company shared on its official website and Youtube channel, the upcoming device looks to be a smartphone gimbal similar to the OM (Osmo Mobile) series by DJI.

Unfortunately, the clip did not reveal much about the product, though some glimpses of its design and features were shown. As far as we can tell, the gimbal will sport three-axis stabilisation which, again, is akin to other devices of its category; such as the aforementioned OM series as well as the Smooth series by Zhiyun. And the similarities doesn’t end there, especially with DJI’s own product, as it is revealed that the Insta360 gimbal will also feature a phone clamp that can attach and detach magnetically.

A brief look at the device’s interface shows a joystick in the centre and what appears to be a surrounding rotating dial. There’s also Record and Reset icons on either side, though it’s unclear if these are activated through touch-based controls or other means. On top are indicators for several gimbal modes: Auto, Follow (F), Pan Follow (PF), and First Person View (FPV). Meanwhile, shown on the back of the device is a trigger button.

Besides that, there’s also vague glimpses of hollow transparent parts, and an LCD screen. However, we’re uncertain if these are actually part of the gimbal, attachments, or an entirely completely different device. If the latter, this would mean that we could be seeing more than one Insta360 product to be unveiled during tomorrow’s event.

insta360 new product line launch tomorrow

Speaking of which, the launch will be streamed live through the brand’s website, as well as its official social media channels on Facebook and Youtube. Those who wish to tune in should note that the event is scheduled to go live tomorrow at 9pm local time.

(Source: Insta360 [official website] [Facebook])

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