Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 outer screen leak

Earlier, leakster @OnLeaks and tech blog MediaPeanut shared renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, showing an outer display that’s much larger than previous iterations. Also included as in the latter’s report was an estimation that the external screen in question will measure 3.4 inches. Now, fellow leakster Ice universe has come up with leaks of their own, which corroborates the previous claim on the second screen’s size.

According to the leak shared on Twitter, Ice universe claims that in addition to the 3.4-inch screen, it will also come with a square-ish 720 x 748 resolution. Accompanying the tweet is an image of the supposed Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 being compared directly to the predecessor model. Beyond the obviously bigger screen, there are widgets that expand the usability of the device while it is clammed up.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 render
Source: MediaPeanut.

Beyond a clock and a weather widget, there are also four different battery indicators. One looks to be for the phone itself, with another for a connected smartwatch. The two on the bottom look to be one for an individual earbud and its charging case, with the possibility of the former switching to show the battery on the other earbud periodically. Then at the very bottom, you get the phone, messages, weather and settings shortcuts, which look a bit too small to reliably tap on every time.

It can be tempting to compare this alleged second screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 to that of the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra, and equally so in assuming that the latter has a bigger screen. On one hand, in terms of measurements, the latter does come with a marginally larger screen and higher pixel density, with their exact numbers being 3.5 inches and 1056 x 1066, respectively. But on the flip side, it has its two cameras sitting inside the screen, while the former keeps its cameras and second screen separate, even if it means a tab or notch on one corner.

Either way, the launch of both devices are just about around the corner. And when that happens, we’ll see if their respective spec sheets measure up well against each other.

(Source: @UniverceIce / Twitter)

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