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The last time Sony released an Xperia Compact was before the company completely revamped its smartphone lineup. Back in 2021, we saw rumours of a potential compact flagship by the brand, only for it to end up being a budget device that’s exclusive to Japanese telco Docomo. Now, rumours of another Sony Xperia Compact has resurfaced, though this incarnation paints the picture of a clamshell foldable phone.

Japanese website SumahoDigest cites screenshot from a South Korean forum which claims that “the next-generation high-end compact Xperia” will be a device that folds vertically. But unlike most other clamshell foldable smartphones, this will supposedly not come with a secondary screen.

Sony Xperia Compact foldable rumour render
Source: SumahoDigest.

Granted, the word “compact” may have been a generic descriptive word rather than an actual component of the name. It would also be not conforming to the trend of phone makers putting either the word “Fold” or “Flip” in the names of their foldable devices. So as far as rumours go, this is about as shaky as it gets.

Should that be the single rumour of a foldable Sony Xperia Compact foldable, it would probably have been dismissed without further thought. But SumahoDigest cites a similar rumour that surfaced back in February that sort of corroborates this. The leakster at the time leaked the actual image of the Xperia 1 V ahead of its launch, granting them some credibility. And this leakster previously posted renders of a foldable phone which was then dubbed the Xperia F. Putting these two together and the prospect of a foldable Xperia becomes just a little bit more likely.

Sony Xperia F rumour render
Source: SumahoDigest.

All that being said, we should probably just keep in mind the way the previous Sony Xperia Compact rumour turned out. Ultimately, the phrase which includes “pinch of salt” remains pertinent, especially for ones involving the much beloved compact flagship by the PlayStation company.

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