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Transport Minister Anthony Loke has revealed that the Road Transport Department (JPJ) is working on enabling road users to renew their driving licence and road tax from the convenience of an app. This is part of the department’s digitalisation efforts, with an aim to make its services more accessible online.

If you’re unaware, the government has actually allowed motorists to renew their driving licence and road tax online for a while now. You have the option of using JPJ’s mySIKAP online portal or through the MyEG website which was endorsed by JPJ back in October 2020.

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Effectively, the main difference between renewing your licence directly through JPJ or through MyEG as the middleman is the option for you to receive your new licence. JPJ only allows you to pick up your licence at a JPJ counter while MyEG lets you choose between picking it up at their HQ or having it delivered straight to your house with reasonable delivery charges.

It’s currently unknown whether the department will develop an entirely new app to renew licences and road tax or integrate it into one of JPJ’s existing apps such as MyJPJ. Aside from the brief teaser on his Facebook post, the minister did not go into detail about the development such as when Malaysians can expect to see it launched.

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Aside from online portals, motorists are currently able to renew their driving licence and road tax at JPJ branches, UTC offices, Pos Malaysia offices, and eServices kiosks — the department announced the addition of 100 kiosks nationwide last year. One of the few common JPJ procedures that still can’t be done online is the upgrade from a Probationary Driving Licence (PDL) to a Competent Driving Licence (CDL), which still has to be done in person at JPJ offices and kiosks.

Loke is promising other changes to JPJ under his fresh tenure, such as extending the operating hours of JPJ’s self-service kiosks to beyond office hours. He also announced that there will be big changes to road tax stickers, owing to complaints about their poor quality.

(Source: Anthony Loke/Facebook)

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