Starbucks Malaysia and Yinson GreenTech (YGT) last month activated more than 20 chargEV chargers at 17 Starbucks Drive-Thru branches in several states across Peninsular Malaysia. In conjunction with the launch, EV owners were able to charge their vehicles at these locations for free for two weeks.

Now that we have already entered November, these chargers are no longer available free of charge (heh). Given the differences between their power output, it is just natural that the charging fees between the AC and DC chargers are also different.

Starbucks Malaysia chargEV EV Charger
The multi-connector chargEV charger at Starbucks Eco Grandeur Sungai Buloh. [Image: chargEV / Facebook.]

Specifically, YGT has set the charging fee for Starbucks Malaysiaโ€™s standalone chargEV 22kW AC chargers at RM5.00 for every 20 minutes. That is equivalent to RM0.25 per minute but then again, users are being charged for a block of 20 minutes.

The same charging fee also applies to the 11kW AC plug on the multi-connector chargers that also feature 60kW DC connectors. If you have a chargEV subscription, you still have to pay the RM5.00 per 20-minuteโ€™s fee when you plugged your EV into these chargers, unlike the standalone chargEV 22kW AC chargers that you can utilize for free.

Starbucks Malaysia chargEV EV Charger
The standalone 22kW AC chargers at Starbucks Skudai R&R (South Bound), Johor.ย  [Image: PlugShare.]

On the other hand, the fee for the 60kW chargers is RM1.20 per minute which are currently available at four locations including Eco Grandeur Sungai Buloh, Setia Alam, Kota Kemuning, and Ukay Perdana. This fee applies to everyone, regardless of whether you have a chargEV subscription or otherwise.

Meanwhile, Starbucks Malaysia is offering discounts on Grande-sized Handcrafted Beverages for EV owners that utilize the chargEV chargers at their premises. Interestingly, the discount rate depends on the type of charger that you choose for your vehicle.

Those who opted for the DC charger will get a 50% discount while those using the slower AC charger are provided with a 20% discount instead. Applicable for their first drink, all one needs to do is show the chargEV appโ€™s Charging In Progress screen at the counter when they ordered their drink.

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