Samsung Slim Stand S23

Samsung brought the Galaxy S23 series of phones to our shores in February, with pre-orders opening at the beginning, and the devices being on shelves closer to the end of the month. Though at the time, the company had not shown off any accessories that were meant to be paired with them, barring the Galaxy Watch5. That being said, it looks like the tech giant has plans for a couple of tripod stands for the phone, as listed on the company’s website.

Specifically, Samsung has listed on its website the Slim Stand for Gadget Cover and the Camera Grip Stand for Gadget Cover. As their names suggest, these accessories are only compatible with the official Gadget Case covers that the company sells for the Galaxy S23 series of phones.

Samsung Slim Stand S23 modes
Source: Samsung.

Starting with the Slim Stand, this is effectively a tripod stand for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series phones, provided they also have the Gadget Case covers. When not deployed, it’s a relatively low-profile attachment, looking like a magnetic holder attachment that you can find on plenty of other phones. But when you need it, you simply flip it out and pull its three legs apart. The attached phone can then be set into landscape or portrait orientation, and angled as you like.

Samsung Camera Grip Stand S23
Source: Samsung.

On the flip side, the bulkier Camera Grip Stand gives the attached Samsung Galaxy S23 device the kind of bulge on the side that you usually see on actual cameras. The shape means that you can hold the attached phone like you would a camera. It even has a Bluetooth remote shutter that you can leave on the grip stand, allowing you to treat it like a hardware shutter button. And when you still require the phone to stand on its own, there’s a built-in tripod within the camera grip itself.

Samsung Camera Grip Stand S23 remote
Source: Samsung.

Both the Slim Stand and Camera Grip Stand are listed on Samsung Malaysia’s website, but without their local prices or dates for their availability yet. Though according to an observation by serial leakster Roland Quandt on Twitter, the UK site lists the former as having a GBP34 (~RM186) price tag.

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