New Jersey, Feb 2, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – TGI Solar Power Group, Inc., (OTC Markets: TSPG) is pleased to announce its new management and board of directors have successfully brokered a partnership with TEAL Chimie & Energie Inc., that will launch the company’s entrance into the green energy sector.

This collaboration is in line with the corporate business plan as new TGI SHELLY management is executing strategies to build long-term growth, transformational plans, digital quotient and correlation, growth acceleration, business ventures in the green sector — all of which drive shareholder value. New Management intends to expand the investor base of new TGI Shelly by pursuing a vertical integration strategy through acquisition, and or a combination of strategic partner companies and contractual agreements, to distribute AI products of NO SOLIUS (no software, no license, no user fees) Shelly AI related to current corporate developments, which will compliment and grow TGI SHELLY.

TGI Shelly, and green ammonia specialists TEAL, are looking to optimize the zero-emission ammonia production market significantly. To achieve this, TGI will deploy TEAL’s green ammonia production plants in the coming years. Green ammonia’s clean energy potential is incredible.

Green ammonia has the highest volumetric energy density of all hydrogen-based energy sources — significantly more than pure hydrogen. This makes green ammonia inexpensive and easy to store and transport. Existing infrastructure means that green ammonia can rapidly and efficiently replace hydrocarbon-based fuels for a multitude of uses, with ammonia-fueled ships and ammonia power stations already in the pipeline.

TEAL’s major focus has been developing and constructing its green ammonia production sites in North America, with the first 400MW of power to be installed at locations in Quebec, Canada, Northeast USA and the Southwestern United States. These will be TEAL’s first green ammonia initiatives for production facilities, with operational launch planned for late 2025 or early 2026. Operating dynamically will enable TEAL to produce ammonia during off-peak power demand hours and make them a net contributor to the economics of renewable power production. This will allow the company to construct additional renewable power wherever they build a production plant.

“We have the utmost confidence in TGI SHELLY and our scientists and engineers to create a viable product,” said Jonathan Martel, CEO of TEAL. “This is why we have chosen TGI Shelly as our partner. We intend to use cutting-edge electrolysers and industry-leading ammonia synthesis. Additionally, we plan to develop facilities around the world to produce millions of tons of green ammonia from water and air. Ammonia saved humanity from starvation a century ago as a replacement for depleted sources of fertilizers, and history will repeat itself. Ammonia can save humanity once again as the workhorse of the hydrogen economy, replacing petrochemicals to decarbonize agriculture, transportation and power storage and generation.”

“We need to accelerate the development and industrialization of sustainable solutions while also increasing energy independence, which is why we are delighted to partner with TEAL on the global development of its green ammonia facilities,” added Philippe Machuel, CEO of TGI Shelly. “With this agreement, we enable the production of millions of tons of green ammonia in support of the decarbonization agenda.” Samuel Epstein, Chief Operating Officer of TGI, saw this partnership with TEAL as an opportunity for new management to hit the ground running.

“TGI is delighted to be working with the TEAL on these large-scale, commercial green ammonia plants,” Epstein said. “This agreement leverages TEAL’s years of ammonia experience and is evidence of the many benefits of the TGI Shelly AI platform, including lowering TEAL’s project costs utilizing the most efficient technology. Our partnership is a big step forward towards a more sustainable future, and we look forward to working with our new partners at TEAL in the years ahead.”

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