Sony Float Run headphones Malaysia May price

Sony has announced new athlete-centric wireless headphones known as Float Run, which sports a unique off-ear design to promote comfort and user awareness. The product was initially introduced through a crowdfunding project organised by the brand, which then led to its official launch thanks to excellent reception from backers.

The Float Run adopts a traditional running headphones look, which features two earpieces connected via a flexible neckband that is positioned behind the user’s head. But rather than being in-ear like most products that are similar, its speakers sit above the ears instead. Apart from offering a comfortable and pressure-free usage experience, Sony claims that this design will still be able to provide users with high quality audio.

Sony Float Run headphones Malaysia May price

Much like the brand’s other uniquely designed audio device, the LinkBuds, the newer headphones also allows for runners to be aware of their surroundings by letting in external sounds while in use. Besides that, the Float Run weighs approximately 33 grams, and comes with a water resistant rating of IPX4.

Internally, the new off-ear running headphones come with large 16 mm drivers, Bluetooth 5.0 support, and SSBC/AAC codec support.  Also onboard are a variety of controls built-in, which enables users to manage playback without needing to take out their phone, and a microphone is available as well for calls as well as accessing a compatible voice assistant.

Sony Float Run headphones Malaysia May price
Image: Sony

Battery-wise, the Float Run is capable of lasting up to 10 hours of playtime on a full charge, which is fairly decent for a device of its class. Meanwhile, Sony says a quick 10-minute charge is enough to provide users with an hour’s worth of playback.

The new Sony Float Run will be available in certain regions in February, but would only arrive to the local market by May of this year. According to the brand’s Malaysian website, the upcoming product will retail for RM 599 once it debuts.

(Source: Sony Malaysia press release / official website)

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