CelcomDigi Xpax Unlimited 75 plan Ramadan

CelcomDigi today has announced the availability of a new Xpax postpaid plan with unlimited internet and more. Alongside it, the mobile network operator also introduced its latest campaign in conjunction with the upcoming month of Ramadan.

The new plan mentioned above is the all-new Xpax Postpaid Unlimited 75 subscription, which is currently being offered for a limited time only. With this, users are provided with unlimited internet with a speed of 10 Mbps, as well as free 10 GB monthly Hotspot Internet with unlimited voice calls to all networks.  However, unlike the Xpax Postpaid 60 or Postpaid 40 plans, this newly introduced package does not come with 5G access.

As implied by its name, the new plan will cost RM 75 per month with a 12-month contract. In addition, CelcomDigi notes that those who sign up for the new Xpax Postpaid Unlimited 75 within its availability period will also get to enjoy a rebate of RM 10 and pay only RM 65 per month throughout the 12-month contract duration. The new Xpax Postpaid Unlimited 75 plan is available starting today via Celcom bluecube, Digi Stores or any authorised dealers nationwide.

CelcomDigi Xpax Unlimited 75 plan Ramadan
Image: CelcomDigi

But before you apply, keep in mind that the company’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP) also applies to this package. According to the official FAQ page, data usage will be subjected to 1000 GB per month, which is still pretty generous all things considered. Also take note that video calls to all networks, SMS and MMS will cost subscribers RM 0.30, RM 0.20 and RM 0.50 per use.

Apart from the new plan, CelcomDigi has also introduced a new Ramadan campaign which offers Celcom and Digi users with a RM 7 internet pass. With this, those subscribed to both postpaid and prepaid plans are granted high-speed internet quota of 444 GB between 3 am to 7 am throughout a period of seven days after activation. The special Ramadan RM 7 pass will soon be available via the Celcom Life and MyDigi mobile applications.

digi 5g free trial access booster
Image: CelcomDigi

CelcomDigi also took the opportunity to remind Digi-based customers that the new 5G Booster add-on, as previously promised, is available to Digi Prepaid NEXT plans starting today on 16 March 2023. With this, users under the prepaid plan are able to enjoy the 5G trial for free from now until 30 April 2023. 

Activation of the 5G Booster add-on is done via the MyDigi app, which will cost subscribers RM 10 per month. But as a special introduction to customers, the activation charge will be waived throughout the aforementioned free trial period.

(Source: CelcomDigi press release / official website)

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