Identifying the need for brands to realign their marketing strategies in this
ongoing pandemic, Lion & Lion released the ‘Brand Investment Guidebook During Coronavirus,’ a guide to navigating the crisis. The book showcases how brands can reinforce and build their relationship with consumers by investing in transparent, consistent, empathetic communications.

Marketers can see an avoidable shift in consumer behavior and priorities ever since the isolation has been enforced. The looming negative sentiment accompanied by economic slowdown has posed challenging times for marketers. The guide presents why it’s crucial for brands to come out, put purpose to play and use creativity and innovation as a tool to support brand communities and make a positive impact.

Adding to this, Head Regional Brand Strategy, Bilal Khan says ‘In these uncertain times, the easiest choice is to cut on marketing spend and wait for things to get back to normal. What we are experiencing now might become the new reality in which the world will operate, and people will come to expect more from brands. The tricks of the past such as price offs and marketing gimmicks will not serve the growth ambitions of the brand anymore.

Marketers will need to invest in actions both tangible and intangible that creates a positive impact on society and helps people adapt to this new reality.

Bilal further adds, the brand investment book intends to guide the brands on how to invest in brand purpose, creativity, community and new mediums which establishes them not only as a responsible member of the society but also as a force of good serving the interest of people during the crisis.

Brand Investment Book: