yoodo 5g trial pass ios iphone

Back in February, Yoodo announced that it would be launching a trial for its customers to be able to use 5G data. It was initially limited to Android phones but with the latest iOS update extending 5G support for more telcos, the Celcom-owned MVNO has officially added iPhones to its list of supported devices for the trial pass.

Just like before, the trial pass is available for free for both new and existing customers. For those who use a physical SIM card instead of eSIM, you don’t have to worry about having to get a new one to try out the faster network as it can be used with your existing SIM card.

yoodo 5g trial pass ios iphone

One caveat of the 5G trial pass is that to be eligible for it, you must be subscribed to a high-speed internet plan with 10GB of data or more. This means that those who are subscribed to their unlimited plans as well as those with less than 10GB of data will not be able to activate the pass.

If you wish to change your plan in order to try out the 5G network, you will have to wait until your next billing cycle to use it. Alternatively, you could also choose to have the new plan applied immediately and be charged the new amount, but then you will lose out on the remaining quota of your current plan.

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To see if your device is supported for DNB’s 5G network, you can checkout their website here. For iPhones specifically, you will need an iPhone 12 or later that is updated to iOS 16.4 in order to utilise the Yoodo 5G trial pass.

According to the brand’s FAQ, the 5G pass will also work while you are roaming abroad as long as you have activated a roaming pass. As of now, Yoodo has not clarified exactly when the free trial will end.

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