Mid Valley Megamall fire

A  fire has broken out at the Mid Valley Megamall just recently, with plumes of smoke coming out from the southern side of the building. At the time of writing, fire fighters are still on the scene extinguishing the flame.

According to authorities on the scene, the fire started from a TNB substation which has since spread to the upper levels of the mall’s southern section. While the starting point was identified, the same can’t be said for the exact cause of the fire. They were alerted of the situation around 11AM. Security personnel have also evacuated shoppers and staffers from the mall.

UPDATE 11:40AM: Authorities report that the fire on the lower floor is under control, but fire fighters are still trying to contain the flame that has spread upstairs.

Mid Valley Megamall fire upper floor

As one of the nearest locations to the fire, the GSC has said that its Mid Valley Megamall branch is unaffected, but it will still be closed with all shows cancelled until further notice. Refunds for purchased tickets will also be issued.

UPDATE 12:20PM: The management of Mid Valley City has made a statement on the Facebook pages of Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall. According to the statement, the entirety of Mid Valley City, which includes both malls, will be closed until further notice. Similarly, authorities have announced that all roads leading to the surrounding area have been closed off as well for the time being.

UPDATE 1:30PM: Mid Valley City management posted an update via the Megamall’s Facebook page that the fire was put out at 12:29PM, and has confirmed that there were no casualties. The mall will still remain closed for today. Included in the update was a statement by TNB, which says that the cause of the fire is still being investigated.

UPDATE 5:15PM: Mid Valley City management has said that “all offices, hotels, and shops situated within the premises will resume operations as usual on Thursday, 18 May 2023”. This is after a “thorough investigation conductied by Tenaga Nasional berhad and the Malaysiam Fire and Rescue Department. All that being said, the cause of the fire in the first place has not been shared.

Photos and on-ground reporting by Heirul Kamel.

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