Remember how we said that, like all brands, Secretlab can and will consistently add more products to its portfolio over time? Well, the Singapore-based premium, gaming furniture brand is doing just that and it’s not another chair or table, but footrests.

To break it down, Secretlab’s ergonomic footrests comes in two flavours: a premium model with Plushcell Memory Foam, and a professional model that takes advantage of the brand’s Cloudswap technology. “While seated, your armrests should ideally bealigned with your desktop, with your feet resting firmly on the ground so they are supported at optimal dorsiflexion angles. If raising your chair height to align your armrests to your desktop, or engaging the tilt mechanism to lean back in your seat means that your feet are now hanging above the ground, a footrest is recommended to help prevent a prolonged Plantar Flexion feet position, which can increase risk of joint stiffness and soft tissue inflammation (such as Plantar Fasciitis),”

(Image source: Secretlab.)

Starting with the Premium Footrest, the product is constructed using the brand’s patent-pending cold cure foam, combined with a layer of visco-elastic PlushCell Memory Foam. Through this combination, Secretlab says that this ensures a product that is soft to the touch on the feet, while also ensuring even weight distribution, even when your feet are placed in the most extreme angles on the product.

Another good thing about the Secretlab Premium Footrest is that the brand has made it easy to maintain. Simply handwash the removable velour cover with cold water, let it dry, and then slip it back on.

(Image source: Secretlab.)

Then there’s the Professional Footrest, which is the more advanced of the two. Also known as the Footrest Pro, this accessory features precision engineering in the form of adjustable tilt. Specifically, it has a tilt movement of 30°, with resting angles between +15° and -15°. It’s also made entirely out of metal, ensuring that you have a firm footing whenever your feet are placed on it.

That’s not all the Footrest Pro has. Secretlab also designed it in such a way that it also utilises its CloudSwap technology, allowing you to snap different tops on to it, magnetically. Got cold feet? There’s a heated top for it that uses a heating coil inside. Just want something to rest your weary feet on top of, instead of stepping on hard metal? There’s the PlushCell Memory Foam top, made of the same material as the Premium.

Now comes the bad news. According to Secretlab, the Footrest Pro isn’t coming into Malaysia anytime soon, but you can register your interest for it via the official product page. As for the Premium footrest, that accessory is already available for preorder SG$99 (~RM329).


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