Modern laptops of this generation and their respective manufacturers have typically been driven into one direction: keep them powerful and when and where possible, reduce the overall size of their chassis. For the YouTube duo, Evan and Katelyn, they set off to do something completely on the opposite end of the spectrum: build a laptop with a massive, if not gargantuan display.

In the spirit of having fun within the DIY community, Evan and Katelyn’s massive laptop build is obviously just satire and thus, should not be misconstrued as anything else. With that out of the way, let’s get back to what the duo did.

The duo’s plans were fairly straightforward: construct a “laptop” with a huge display attached to it. In this case, they chose 43-inch Samsung TV as their display output of choice.

As for the innards of their DIY “laptop”, Evan and Katelyn made use of a barebones Intel NUC 11. This system contains a Core i7-1165G7 and an older generation NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, but lacks other components like memory, storage, and an OS. So yeah, not exactly a major issue.

(Image source: Evan and Katelyn.)

The rest of the video shows the duo planning, outlining, and procedurally cutting out the rest of the components of their laptop, which included a couple of portable power station batteries. Oh, and they also had some LED hardware, because what portable gaming machine doesn’t have some form of RGB or another these days.

The end result is…well, what you’d expect of a laptop this size. It has a total weight of 45kg, making it extremely impractical to use on your lap and as you can see in their video, Evan had to exert considerable effort in order to lift the display open.

(Source: YouTube)

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