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Maybank has put out an announcement to its customers that several of its physical and online services will be unavailable at select times this coming weekend. The reason for this temporary downtime, according to its website, is due to a system maintenance on Saturday, 20 May 2023 and on Sunday, 21 May 2023, and will affect Maybank2U, its Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), and Self Service Terminals (SSTs).

For online services, Maybank2U and anything else that false under its Mobile Banking Services will not be available on a staggered basis on 20 May 2023 from 12 AM to 7 AM and on 21 May 2023 from 12 AM to 7 AM. Oddly enough, in a tweet announcing the downtime, the bank said that its online services would be unavailable from 3 AM to 7 AM instead of starting from midnight.

Meanwhile, the operating hours for its ATMs and SSTs will be only slightly shifted for this two-day period. On both maintenance days, ATMs and SSTs will start operating from 7 AM instead of the usual time of 6 AM.

With this announcement, you should plan ahead of time in case you need to use any of these services during the mentioned periods for online shopping and such. At least this time, it is a planned downtime instead of being caused by unexpected technical difficulties like the last time its services became unavailable, causing much ire and inconvenience for its customers.

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In related news, Maybank recently started reminding its customers through its social media channels that the bank will be completing its migration away from one-time passwords to Secure2u by the end of June. Starting 1 July, all online Maybank card transactions will have to be authorised with Secure2u through the MAE app.

Additionally, the local bank extended its kill switch feature for Maybank2u to its credit cards and charge cards, but not debit cards. This security tool allows users to instantly freeze their accounts if they suspect that they have been compromised.

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