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Microsoft has been making a big push for its various AI endeavours, especially for text or image generation. The company has made both easily accessible on its Edge browser via its sidebar, but it looks like there are plans to make it even more accessible. Some testers are getting the ability to detach said sidebar from the browser, and pit it instead to their desktop screen.

As GeekerMag reports, there is a new option in Microsoft Edge simply called “Detach from Edge”. As the name of the feature suggests, this allows users to detach the browser’s sidebar from the main window, letting you have it on your desktop screen while the browser itself is minimised. You can reverse the process by looking for the “Attach to Edge” button within the detached sidebar.

Microsoft Edge Image Creator generated
Generated using Microsoft Edge Image Creator.

Of course, being a feature that is still being tested, not everyone can have access to this feature just yet. The report notes that it is available to those who are running the Microsoft Edge Canary version 114.0.1789.0, but according to Windows Central, the feature is only available to a subset of people using the Dev or Canary versions of the browser. There also doesn’t look to be a flag that you can activate to turn it on, so if you’re a tester and don’t see this yet you’ll just have to wait until it gets activated for you.

It is also unclear for now if you need to keep at least one window of Microsoft Edge open once you’ve detached the sidebar. It does seem likely for two reasons. The first being that it’s easier this way, and the other being that the company will naturally want you to use its own browser as opposed to the other alternatives.

Bing AI mobile + Skype
Source: Microsoft.

Either way, there’s no word on when this will be available to more general Windows users. So if this is something that you’re looking forward to, then there’s quite the wait ahead still if you’re not a Canary or Dev build tester.

(Source: GeekerMag, Windows Central)

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