MARKETING Magazine’s Power Up and Save Malaysia webinar’s first week of CMO Roundtable sessions is done and dusted before we gear up for the second week. If you missed yesterday’s session on Business Continuity from Home, here’s a quick highlight to catch you up. To know more about what happened during our first CMO Roundtable session, click here. 

The speakers for CMO Roundtable 2 were Group Chief Marketing Officer of CIMB Group, Mohamed Adam Wee Abdullah and Senior Vice President Marketing & Alternate Business of Etika Holdings, Santharuban. 

Here are some of the highlights of what went down during the session on business continuity: 

4-phase transition

Most companies have been figuring out a way for their business to best cope with the current Movement Control Order (MCO) and Adam shared the phases his team has gone through so far. Forming, storming, norming and performing – these are the words he used to describe the phases his team has implemented for a smooth transition. It started with testing a work from home arrangement pre-MCO to resuming regular working hours and planning a strategy for post-MCO. 

Leadership & team continuity 

Both speakers shared their own specific strategies for effective leadership styles that worked for them during this unprecedented time. From boosting team morale despite honest uncertainty to empathising with the team when it comes to expectations, it is a learning process both ways. “The best way to approach this is by being honest and admitting that you don’t have all the answers,” Ruban said during the session. 

Real-life examples of collaboration 

Ruban took it a step further by sharing specific ways Etika Holdings helped out smaller businesses who are worse affected by the MCO. He also explained that competitor brands stand a better chance against bigger brands during this time because of stock limitations – something brands should keep in mind when planning. 

Post-MCO recovery 

Industry-based recovery predictions were shared by both speakers. By giving attendees several benchmarks to use when creating their post-MCO BCP, the session focused on preparing for a range of possibilities and adapting techniques based on each possibility.  

If you missed this session of exclusive insights, register for our next CMO Roundtable session on Digital marketing insights and strategies for the ‘new normal happening on April 30th at 4pm. Our speakers will be Head of Marketing, M’sia & S’pore for Dommal Food Services Sdn Bhd aka Dominoes, Linda Hassan and Vice President of unifi Marketing & Communications from TM Berhad, Lai Shu Wei. 50% of your registration fees will go towards MERCY Malaysia’s COVID-19 fund.